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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an injunction?
An injunction is a document signed by a judge which orders someone from doing something.

What is a Domestic Violence Injunction?
A Domestic Violence Injunction is a court order that usually orders one person to stay away from another person.

How long does a Domestic Violence Injunction last?
It depends on the circumstances, but it could last as long as either party lives.

Does an Domestic Violence Injunction keep both people away from each other?
No. It only orders one person to stay away from the other. If that other person wants an injunction, they would need to ask the court for a separate injunction.

What would happen to me if I don’t see the person who has an injunction against me but, I contact them by phone, text, or email?
You could be arrested and, if convicted, could spend up to one year in jail for each call, text, or email.

What if I don’t contact them but have someone else pass a message to them?
You could be arrested and, if convicted, could spend up to one year in jail for each message.

Who gets to keep my children if the other person is the parent of my children?
The temporary injunction should address where the minor children will be until the time of the injunction hearing but at times the injunction does not specifically state where the children will be. A final injunction hearing should address timesharing/custody issues and that is why it might be important to have an attorney represent you.

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