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A divorce can be a dramatic change in your life. It’s often a highly emotional time that can be filled with feelings of acrimony and retribution. Many people feel extremely vulnerable during this time of transition. One moment you are wondering, “Why doesn’t my spouse love me anymore?” The next moment you need to consider who is responsible for paying the capital gains taxes on an inherited mutual fund.

As you can see, going through a divorce can involve both highly emotional issues and complicated legal issues. Put experienced divorce representation on your side. McKendrick Law will advocate for your best interests throughout the divorce process.

We have 15 years of experience in helping divorcing couples in Lakeland and Polk County, resolve their disputes so they can move on with their lives. We would like to help you, too.  If at all possible, we encourage our clients to resolve their differences out of court. It’s the fastest and least costly way to end a marriage. Out-of-court-settlements can also be less emotionally stressful on the entire family.

In some cases, however divorce issues cannot be resolved without going to trial. It is important that you have an attorney who is not afraid of going to trial and effectively representing you.

Should your divorce require litigation, you can depend on our knowledge, experience, and courtroom skills. We can help you with all divorce issues, from evaluating and dividing property, to tracking down hidden assets, to arranging fair custody and visitation agreements and more.

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