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Child Custody

The interests of your children, including their financial well-being, place of residence and emotional stability should be your primary concern during a divorce. You may even worry about losing the right to spend time with your children.

At McKendrick Law we take a strategic and comprehensive approach to protecting your rights and providing for the best interests of your children during custody disputes.

The state of Florida made changes to child custody and visitation laws in the fall of 2008. Instead of awarding child custody and visitation, the courts are now required to establish a parenting plan that governs time-sharing with your children and determines parental responsibility.

Preparation at Every Stage to Protect Your Rights
At your initial consultation, we will take the time to learn about your family dynamics. We will identify your objectives and work to establish a time sharing solution tailored to the needs of your family and the best interests of your children. Working with witnesses and experts when necessary, we will build your case to protect your rights and your children. Preparing well-developed strategies are critical to our success.

Courts may address the following issues when deciding custody
Is one parent better suited to have substantial time-sharing with the child?
Is one parent better suited to have primary decision capabilities regarding school, religion, or health?
Which parent will be able to more effectively share parenting time?
Is one parent able to relocate with the children?

At McKendrick Law we are experienced in protecting clients’ rights involving:

Parenting time and parenting plans
Parental responsibility and risk of abuse        
Divorce and modification or enforcement

Where will your children end up?
Time sharing involves so many factors that it is important to have an attorney who understands those factors and how they relate to you and your situation.  Ultimately, however, time sharing focuses on the best interests of the children. We will take the time to understand your individual needs and goals so that we can prepare strategies tailored to accomplish your objectives.

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